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folioboost offers numerous daily crypto trading games for various skill levels, buying, and rewards. The objective is to mirror real life trading for a fraction of the cost, but with upside that could be greater than investing in the actual market. If the market loses money, fear not, folioboost is bear market proof and offers users the ability to engage with crypto daily without the fear of substantial financial losses. 

how does it work?

folioboost creates a competitive way to trade and learn about digital assets and emerging blockchain technology.

Build daily fantasy portfolios and compete against other traders to win boost.

Boost can be held, converted back to USD, or converted to ethereum and easily transferred to exchanges for conversion to other digital assets.

get the boost you need

Boost is used to enter competitions.

Hold your boost or convert it to USD or a paired crypto at any time. 

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We’re giving away boost to the first 10,000 users who sign up. Early sign ups gain free entry into our $1MM competition set to launch in 2022. 

wait, What’s boost?

Glad you asked.

Boost is used to enter competitions. For as little as a $10 investment in boost tokens, a user can enter a fantasy crypto trading game that provides payouts greater than $10 to the top 25% performing portfolios.

Boost token will launch in a community event, alongside our whitelist. 

folioboost is in the process of completing its initial coin offering and will award registered accounts once the ICO is completed. 

Early adopters will be made aware of their status and drops in discord.

Create an account and we’ll be in touch when we’re ready to award your boost!