🚀 Top Daily Gainer 🚀

Shiba Inu (SHIB)
+55% in 24 hours
$3.8B in trading volume
High of $0.00001482, currently at $0.00001385
#34 for marketcap with a cap of $5.5B

A good indicator of a retail investor bull market is when dog coins with very little utility start pumping. Coins like this are why folioboost exists. To help educate the retail investors on the potential best projects and technology of the future.

The positives on shib:

Great marketing
Better tokenomics than Doge
Influencers involved

The negatives:

It has no real fundamental utility. Its positioning is to be a better doge coin. Doge was started as a joke and basically is a pump and dump coin that swings on media and influencer whims. The dog coins are playful marketing ploys to create currency similar to Bitcoin. There is nothing playful about the gains and losses of the coins though. If you’re a sophisticated investor you can probably make substantial gains trading these, but for all else, proceed with caution.